Put simply…

I am a female photographer who photographs women and girls. It’s that straight forward really. Maybe you’re a woman in business, someone who brings groups of women or girls together with inspiring events, or a mum who wants to record the special relationship she has with her own daughters.

I provide photography for:

  • Female founders & businesswomen

  • Female focussed events

  • Female based family shoots

  • Female led businesses

  • Retailers (you guessed it, female focussed ones! Or at least ones with a woman at the helm!)

Did I say I concentrate on women & girls? I should explain…my focus is on women and girls because it’s what I most easily relate too so please guys, don’t be offended. It’s not personal.

What I believe sets me apart is that I know how terrifying it can be to step in front of a camera and to show up for yourself. So, I help by planning the shoot with you in advance, providing advice on what to wear and have with you on the day, and by helping you feel at ease on the day of the shoot. Although it will eventually involve you standing in front of a camera (if I could do it another way I would - sorry!) I’ll help by talking you through everything, helping you to pose (naturally of course!) and because a lot of my photography is documentary in style, sometimes you won’t even know you’ve been papped!

The first step is normally the hardest so why not drop me a line or book a 10 minute call with me to chat things through. There’s no obligation whatsoever.


Call: 07896 122793